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When I wake in the mornings or stand up after sittings , I used to feel giddy. I had to stand still for a few minutes before I became steady. I tried Moringa Gold Capsules introduced by Mr. Balan around Feb 2007. From that next day onwards, that problem and other minor probs  vanished. I feel healthier and happier now.Collin Pirin( Serian Town) Tel: 0168527714

My name is Jini anak Lingieh 571007-13-5784 from Kg. Triboh, Jln Gedong, Serian, Sarawak I had to visit the Govt Clinic every month to collect medicine to control my blood pressure. After I started consuming Moringa Gold green tea for about a week, and when I went to the clinic, the Medical rep told me that I am in no need of medication and my blood pressure is normal.. I will definitely recommend this product to everybody. Prevention is better than cure. After all it is so very cheap. I have substituted Moringa Gold green tea for the family daily tea time or tea drink. It is healthier and cheaper.  Jini anak Lingieh  Tel: 082-870425                         

                (I speak Iban or BM only)               

August 2006 Mzuzu , Malawi...There is an increased use of Moringa leaves in the village collected from Karonga and Salima areas.

Benefits of moringa trees - testimony from MzuzuSome mothers have given testimonies of improvement in health among children and mothers themselves.  Mother Eluby Nkhonjera was taking drugs to help her Diabetic condition, but after using Moringa leaves for some time she no longer needs the drug.Last year, we had problems with her SOS child, Gracious Yiwombe (3 years) who is asthmatic; we had problems during the cold months of April, May, June and July.  We have gone through this year without a single incident.  The mother believes it is a result of the Moringa Nutritional supplement.  Another observation is that when Moringa leaves are used, appetite increases.


Hello There, I am a Beautician and Bridal House Operator. I used to spend more than  RM100s a month on Food supplements for health, skin care and weight control. After consuming Moringa Gold the last 2 months, I am very satisfied with the results. My skin is smoother now and my body weight is also down. The best part is,  it is a very cheap and world class product. It is less than RM30 a month. I also market the product. Give it a try and you will experience a new energy and health level.

Puteri Mariam Serian, Sarawak (0198375491)

I am Mona and am a cook in a busy restaurant in Serian Town, Sarawak. I am 40+ and have 8 children. I used to be very tired and my health was getting worse. I spent a lot of money on food supplements and could not continue cause the cost was too high. After trying out Moringa Gold Green Tea. I feel better and the best part is ,it is cheap and effective which now helps my family to afford world class food supplements daily.

My Tel no is : 0145869868.


I am Velu, I am managing a restaurant and let it be known that it is a 24hrs job. I start at 4am in the morning and finish at 2am the next day with a 2 hr break 24/7. Moringa helps me maintain my health. Good product, original, cheap and effective. Contact me for futher info  Tel:0168683373.

 I am  Sapia bte Berahim, I tkank  uncle Balan for introducing me Moringa green tea. After consuming it for a few days, I feel very much better. My lethargy feelings of bodily defects have mostly disappeared. I feel fresh and happy now. Dont ask me what?..I am no doctor..I feel my body is getting the necessary nutrients and that is what i think my body needed.The best part is,it is very affordable.RM10 a month, the whole family. Tel: 0198585306