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                            UPDATED : MAY 15/2013


With credibility and confidence we offer you a World  Class Food Supplement for all your bodily needs. All in one, essential oils, fibre, amino acids, anti-toxics, vitamins and minerals. Among the critical foods and nutrition "buzz words" for the 21st Century is the term "functional foods." Clearly Moringa Oleifera Leaves Ingestion fits the designation of a very important "FUNCTIONAL" food.  


One of The cheapest and the Best  Health Food Supplement. It is traditionally,  scientifically and Religiously  endorsed as a good healer and  defense  against LIFE STYLE DESEASES  

 We market Moringa Oleifera related products like Moringa Powder, Moringa Tea , Moringa Capsules and Moringa Oleifera dehydrated leaves.